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Sonic Frontiers is the “Cornerstone of Future Sonic Games” – Sonic Team Head

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Sega is Sonic boundaries launched a few weeks ago, and even with above average praise from critics, it has been well received by fans. It came fourth in the UK physical sales charts on its debut, and of the 9,153 user reviews of the PC version, 95 percent are positive, for an “Overwhelmingly Positive” rating.

Sonic boundaries changes things significantly from previous games by incorporating an “open zone” design. It is somewhat like an open world where various challenges, boss battles, puzzles and quests are available in one continuous region. Speaking to SectorSonic Team boss Takashi Iizuka revealed that it would be the “cornerstone” of future titles.

“Just like Sonic Adventureour goal for Sonic boundaries was to create a game that would be the cornerstone of the future Sonic games. It’s a brand new approach for the franchise, but we’ve been mindful to honor Sonic’s roots as well – the game needs to feel like a Sonic gem.

“Our goal with Sonic boundaries was to evolve the linear, stage-clearing 3D action that began Sonic Adventure in 1998 into an action-packed adventure game where players are given the freedom to explore the environment around them.

“We know that many players love to explore vast worlds without any predetermined path, and that’s what we aimed to achieve with our new open-zone platforming concept. I’m very excited for Sonic to join this revolutionary step in immersive game worlds.”

As for where Sonic boundaries in the official in-game “timeline”, Iizuka echoed writer Ian Flynn’s statement that he was left Sonic Forces a Sonic Racing Team. “It has been a pleasure to work with Ian Flynn, who has been an active contributor to the Sonic franchise for a long time. He knows the characters well and has brought great development to their emotions and interactions,” said Iizuka. Flynn could more than likely return for future titles, especially if they follow the same open domain format.

Sonic boundaries available for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5, PC, and Nintendo Switch. Check out our official review here.

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