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Forspoken – Fast Travel Loading Times are Under 1 Second Due to PS5’s SSD

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Luminous Productions hosted its first Deep Dive Special Episode for The prophesying, which is coming to PS5 and PC next month. Some new details were revealed, with Genki_JPN on Twitter translating the important bits. For example, loading times during fast travel are less than a second on PS5, thanks to the console’s SSD.

It’s similar to the benefits of DirectStorage on a PC reducing load times to 1.9 seconds on an M.2 SSD for a scene. Along with the 3D world map, the development team also confirmed that enemies have three stages of corruption due to the Break. Although this varies based on the area, the corrupted ones get bigger and stronger and have more elaborate designs with each stage.

Furthermore, after finishing the main story, you can continue playing in Athia (rather than the ending game). While the final game wasn’t detailed, Luminous previously stated that it would be “satisfying” and include side quests, dungeons, and more to complete.

The prophesying out on January 24th, 2023, for PS5 and PC. Stay tuned for more details and Deep Dive episodes in the coming weeks.

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