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Thanks to an update, Warframe players can now team up with players from other platforms. Cross-saves will also be coming to Warframe in the future.

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Developer Digital Extremes has announced that free-to-play MMORPG War frame now has cross-platform multiplayer on PC, Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch. The announcement was made on Twitter alongside a new mini trailer. Check it out below.

Although cross-platform multiplayer is now available, the studio has also stated that War frame will also get cross-save in the future, which will essentially allow players to pick up and continue their progress on any version of the game.

The studio had revealed that cross-platform multiplayer would be coming to the game quite a while ago, with the most recent TennoCon from July the last time the studio mentioned it had been working on the feature .

Digital Extremes has also stated that it has been working on a smartphone version of War frameand earlier this year, unveiled a new game Soul frame.

At this time, Digital Extremes has not disclosed any details about Soul frame, as the game is quite likely in deep development. However, we can expect a long beta period with extensive feedback from the community.

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