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The PC version of The Callisto Protocol is getting an update that will hopefully solve the game’s stuttering issues, which has been a major source of complaints from players.

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The live horror game has just been released The Callisto Protocoldeveloper Striking Distance Studio has revealed that it is aware that PC gamers are facing traffic-related issues.

Taking to Twitter, the lab has announced a patch scheduled to be released later today that should improve the performance of The Callisto Protocol on the PC. The lab has also announced that several additional updates are also in the works.

Currently, the Steam version of The Callisto Protocol sit down Most of the collection is review. Most of the negative reviews talk about the game’s problems, with many citing problems with Unreal Engine 4 and shader installation.

Striking Distance Studio also has a lot of post-launch content. The Callisto Protocolwith a free update in February that brings New Game + and Hardcore Mode to the game. The Callisto Protocol there is also a season pass that features additional content including DLC ​​packs, new finishes, and story information.

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