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“With the new physics system, the new handling, the new effects, and new graphics – I feel like anyone that plays it will totally understand,” says Criterion’s Kieran Crimmins.

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We’re two years into the current console, but even now, the PS4 and Xbox One continue to receive significant support from first- and third-party developers. , along with several major (and other) releases as cross-gen titles. Some titles, of course, are making the decision to launch specifically for the next devices, and one of them was launched a few days ago and Need for Unstoppable Speed.

But why did the founder Criterion make that decision for the world car? In an interview with Traxion.ggCreative director Kieran Crimmins said that the studio wanted to “provide the best possible experience”, and therefore, it was decided that developing only the existing equipment was the way to go.

“I mean, we wanted to,” he said. “While we’re dealing with what we can do on the current consoles [is] It’s much better than what you could do in the first gen. We want to double down, we want to give the best experience to players who can play it.

“Play it all [in] 4k 60 frames per second, HDR is a game changer for gaming,” he added. “With the new physics system, the new handling, the new effects and the new graphics – I feel like anyone who plays will fully understand.”

“It’s a shame,” Crimmins said, when asked if Criterion was hesitant to abandon the massively integrated platforms of previous consoles. “I like to broadcast everything from you know, your Casio watch to your HDTV. But we want to do the best, you know, we want to make the experience of the players the best we can.

Interestingly, many other EA-published titles are also scheduled to launch exclusively for PC and console-gen, including. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, Dead Space, and (if reports are to be believed) Dragon Age: Dreadwolf.

Need for Unstoppable Speed available on PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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