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The gameplay patch arrives in December, while the Switch version is scheduled to release sometime in Spring 2023.

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Launched earlier this year and jointly developed by Arc System Works, Duel DNF It hasn’t exactly been one of the most prominent releases in the fighting genre in recent memory, although there have been updates for the game every now and then that have made gameplay changes and made balance changes. More new content is on the horizon, and new details have been revealed.

To start, Duel DNF will get a new update in December. Dubbed the “Grand Balance Patch”, the update will bring success to over a hundred skills, buff awakening skills, Gauge Guard and HP boost for all characters, and improvements to evasion and guard cancellation. Meanwhile, new DLC character Specter has also been revealed, although there’s no word on when she’ll be coming to the game.

In addition, a Nintendo Switch version of the fighter has also been announced, with a launch scheduled for Spring 2023.

In our review of Duel DNF, we awarded it a score of 8/10, saying, “Duel DNF an approachable aspect of the genre may hold it back for some, but it will likely hit the sweet spot for many newcomers and mid-level players.” Read the full review here.

Duel DNF currently available on PS5, PS4, and PC.

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