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How The Callisto Protocol Could Tie Into PUBG

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How The Callisto Protocol Could Tie Into PUBG ?

The Callisto Protocol is actually an upcoming sci fi survival horror game, developed by brand new studio Striking Distance. The studio is actually headed up by Glen Schofield, who previously co created the Dead Space series. Nevertheless, probably the most unexpected thing about The Callisto Protocol is the fact that it’ll be set in the universe of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, albeit 300 years into the future.

The Callisto Protocol
The Callisto Protocol

From all we know about The Callisto Protocol so much, it will be difficult to imagine a game much more different to PUBG. The Callisto Protocol is going to be set, horror-focused, and single-player in the year 2320. Conversely, PUBG is actually the multiplayer title that kickstarted the Battle Royale genre’s popularity, and is actually set in the modern day. Nevertheless, it has already been confirmed that the 2 games share a universe, so how exactly might they connect?


The terrifying the Callisto Protocol shares a universe with the PUBG battle royale
The Callisto Protocol

PUBG Lore :

Players might be forgiven for thinking that PUBG was a game without having a story. All things considered, for its first 3 Seasons, it did not actually have one. It was just with the launch of Season four that the game received its first story trailer, revealing the backstory of the original Erangel map.

It is noteworthy that for a three year old game, there is not that much more info out there about PUBG’s story than there’s for the unreleased Callisto Protocol. All we know for sure about Striking Distance’s brand new title is actually it is set in a prison colony called Black Iron on Jupiter’s moon Callisto. Players are going to take on the job of a prisoner caught up in the middle of an alien invasion which appears to have been planned by the prison’s warden. For how this could relate to PUBG, we’ve to check out the Battle Royale’s most recent releases.

The Callisto Protocol
The Callisto Protocol

mysteries Unknown One of probably the biggest leaps forward for PUBG’s story occurred in October 2020. All of it began with a mysterious video posted on the official PUBG twitter account, along with a brand new site dedicated to the game’s lore. The video connected to the secrets and rumors surrounding Paramo Plateau, PUBG’s sixth map. Before the release of the video, 9 PUBG streamers were sent packages containing fragments of the so called Paramo Stone. Sadly, a lot of these stones ended up stuck in customs as the streamers attempted to reassemble them, and the complete stone was never deciphered.

Nevertheless, both the stone and also the mysterious video led players into an AR game that revealed more glimpses of the occult lore behind Paramo. Most important, when connecting the PUBG lore to that of The Callisto Protocol, were the hints that Paramo was in some way connected to the legend of the Fountain of Youth. These snippets of lore had been intertwined with Lovecraftian warnings of madness, mystery, and an ancient goddess.


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The Callisto Protocol
The Callisto Protocol

Finally :

The last of these is also noteworthy, as the survival horror game The Callisto Protocol is actually named for its setting, one of the moons of Jupiter, which is actually in turn named after a Nymph in Greek/Roman Mythology. In Roman mythology Callisto is actually seduced by Jupiter, and later punished by his wife Juno by being converted into a bear.


The Callisto Protocol is Set in the PUBG Universe, Apparently | TechRaptor
The Callisto Protocol

Immortality And Transformation

Probably the most fascinating parts of the present PUBG lore that could relate to The Callisto Protocol all revolve around Paramo. The plateau is definitely steeped in occultism and mystery, and probably the biggest themes running through its history and design are actually transformation and immortality. These’re both very popular themes in sci fi titles, and it might very well be they form the link that ties PUBG to The Callisto Protocol.


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An even more popular sci fi theme is actually that of ancient aliens. This’s the idea that humanity was visited or perhaps affected at some point in its distant past by an alien species. As a story device this concept shows up in everything from Mass Effect to Dead Space. The seemingly supernatural events occurring at the Paramo Plateau might actually turn out to be the actions of an alien race, the same race which will later return in The Callisto Protocol.


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