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PUBG Update 9.2 Adds A Dirt Bike And Balances Weapons

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A Dirt Bike And Balances Weapons

PUBG Update 9.2 is not quite as game changing as Update 9.1 – which brought a whole new map into the mix – but it does provide an innovative method of transportation, weapon balances, and a new form of battle pass. You will find a lot of smaller tweaks brought to PUBG in Update 9.2, but these 3 new features are actually more likely to be by far the most enjoyable to present and returning players.

PUBG PC Update #25 Live On Test Server; Adds New Weapon, Vehicle, Weather  Setting And More

The brand new Dirt Bike “is more than just a lite version of the Motorbike,” reads the official PUBG Blog. It provides a much better suspension for off roading, a way to rev the engine and terrify the competitors of yours, and “other fun features we know it will not take you long to find.” The team also teased a future addition to the bike which will make it an even more enticing method of transportation. Dirt Bikes are going to spawn on all maps except Karakin and are actually made in Normal, Custom Matches, and Training Mode.


PUBG is adding a 1×1 map and enemy AI for the first time



Oh, and you are able to now fire a sidearm while driving a vehicle – a longstanding request from the community that is finally been added to PUBG.


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PUBG Update 9.2 Adds A Dirt Bike And Balances Weapons | TheGamer

list of weapons

There is also a laundry list of weapon balances – including a reworked vehicle aiming system – which includes the following:

While in a vehicle, views are actually stabilized when aiming
Sidearms have all been buffed
Move faster while aiming sidearms
Better accuracy while moving and aiming sidearms
Beryl has been slightly nerfed

For a complete list of weapon adjustments, check out the full PUBG patch notes.

PUBG patch 9.2 notes: Dirt bikes, sidearm buffs - Polygon

The Final Addition ( The Battle Bride )

The final big addition with Update 9.2 is actually the Battle Bride Pass. This’s “an entirely new pass type focusing on a single character vs a seasonal theme. This pass follows Sadiya, the hero from Karakin’s lore, and lets you unlock several of her iconic skins you saw in our motion comics.” The pass levels up individually from the Survivor Pass, and you will have fifteen levels to unlock that offer exclusive new items. The Battle Bride Pass does not have a free track and will be available from November eighteen to December sixteen – running for twenty eight days after purchase.

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