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PUBG or perhaps FAU-G : Which game will arrive first? 2021

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PUBG or perhaps FAU-G : Which game will arrive first?


FAU-G, The Indian Game

FAU-G is actually an Indian game being developed by nCore Games. The game was initially announced 2 days after PUBG Mobile was banned in India. After PUBG Mobile is actually gearing up to create a comeback, FAU G is actually feeling the pressure and has buckled up for the launch. Here is a quick glance at probably the latest developments on the 2 games ” Marek 4 Games “.

FAU-G vs PUBG : Remember these 5 things before you start registering for FAU -G

FAU-G already up for pre-registrations

FAU-G or perhaps Fearless and United Guards has been made available for pre registrations for the Android users via the Google Play Store. The interested users are able to pre register for the game and they’ll be notified as soon as the game is actually made available to them. While the game’s Android version might arrive soon, there’s no sign of the iOS version so much.

in case nCore Games fails to bring the iOS version of the app, it is going to give an enormous lead to PUBG Mobile India even if it ends up launching days after the FAU G game launch.

FAU-G - an alternative to PUBG announced in India, and the meme-fest has  begun- Technology News, Firstpost

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PUBG Mobile India still waiting for a government nod?

PUBG Mobile is actually among the most hyped mobile games in India. The game had a large fan base and that user base was loyal enough to never make a switch to apps as Call of Duty Mobile, Fortnite or perhaps even Garena’s Free Fire. As these fans eagerly wait for the game’s comeback, PUBG Corporation might be fighting with some legal issues.

PUBG Corporation has setup a new office in India and the company has been registered as’ PUBG India Pvt Ltd’. The reports suggest that the business might be waiting for a final nod from the Ministry of Information and electronics Technology.

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Five things before you start registering for FAU G:

one) FAU G is actually an action game, PUBG Battle Royale: FAU G isn’t a battle royale game. Its an action game while PUBG Mobile India is actually likely to be a battle royale game the same as its global version. Though company, on numerous occasions, has said that FAU G isn’t a competitor to PUBG Mobile.

Two) Will the very first Episode be based on Galwan Valley: Though the promoter company hasn’t made anything official, it’s being speculated that the first episode of FAU G will be based on the Galwan Valley episode. This means, unlike PUBG Mobile, this one will be based on real incidents. The company previously revealed a glimpse of the very first episode which showed the Indian army at the Galwan Valley border. No details have been revealed about the weapons to be used in the game.

Three) Made in India: Despite changing the name to PUBG Mobile India, the game is not particularly made in India. This’s a modified version of the first game developed by South Korea based PUBG Corporation. In FAU-G’s case, this’s a made in India, for India game and developed by Bengaluru based nCore Games.

Four) FAU G to ensure Players’ data stay secure: In FAU-G’s case, the privacy of players’ info won’t ever be a problem as they’ll be saved within the nation. Unlike PUBG which has been banned due to Data Security Issues, FAU G will be completely hosted in India on India’s All user and data Servers data completely secured.

Five) This one is actually a new game: FAU G is actually a new game with a fresh take. The PUBG Mobile India is actually a tailored version of the original PUBG Mobile game. The brand new Indian version of the game is going to come with features best suited to Indian players.

FAU-G mobile game expected release date

FAU-G or perhaps PUBG? Which will arrive first?

As of now, it looks as FAU G has the lead as far as the Android users are actually concerned. Nevertheless, PUBG Mobile India is just a tweaked version of PUBG Mobile and it shouldn’t take time that is very much for the company to release the game once they get a nod from the government, Please linking up to your website Market 4 Games for latest news & updates .

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  2. […] PUBG or perhaps FAU-G : Which game will arrive first? 2021 […]

  3. […] PUBG or perhaps FAU-G : Which game will arrive first? 2021 […]

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