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How you can Win In PUBG Mobile Blue Hole Mode

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How to win Blue Hole Mode : PUBGMobile

How you can Win In PUBG Mobile Blue Hole Mode

PUBG Mobile Blue Hole Mode is actually among the best gaming modes to play. Find out what to do in this mode and the way to survive all challenges to win.

About the mode Blue Hole mode (or also known as Safety Scramble mode) is actually a gaming mode from the Evo Ground section. The mode was released via PUBG Mobile 0.18.0 update. Gamers have been waiting for this fun game mode as it brings many changes to the traditional gameplay. Probably the most outstanding change is there are two blue zones. Rather than dealing with one zone, right now, you’ve 2 zones to conquer.

PUBG Mobile Bluehole Mode: How to win the new game mode - Update 1.18.0,  Season 13, & more

You are going to see there are actually 2 blue zones spawning on the map. The second one appears in the middle of the safe zone. It’s also the sign showing exactly where the next zone will be. Because it’s sort of hard to guess exactly where the next zone would appear, players have to depend on luck. With this mode, you are able to enter the next safe zone before the blue zone appears. In the event that you’re already in a safe place, you are able to camp at a secure spot. You ought to also wait for a chance to attack opponents rushing into the zone.

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What Is Blue Hole Mode In PUBG Mobile And How Will It Affect You?

Tips to conquer PUBG Mobile

Blue Hole Mode Although you know exactly where the next circle will be, you still need some ideas to play. This’s because the next place could be extremely dangerous and deal much more damage.

Look for a secure location to camp

Once you’ve finished looting items at the beginning of the match, you need to go through the edge of the blue zone. Next, you easily find a secure spot to camp. When you camp in a safe place, you are going to have more benefits than others. Which means you are able to see them rushing into the zone. Take this opportunity to hit them!

PUBG Mobile 0.18.0 Update: What is Bluehole Mode in PUBG?

Find and use guns that fit your playstyle to outplay enemies in PUBG Mobile

Blue Hole mode Long range weapons are actually highly recommended to use in this particular mode. This’s since you’ve to spot enemies on the map while camping. With this situation, you are able to headshot them from afar with a sniper rifle. Using standard weapons as Smgs and assault Rifles seems not to be a great idea. These weapons do not guarantee headshot results. Hence, you need to find yourself a sniper rifle on the map then make use of them to get kills. Nevertheless, you are able to also bring an assault rifle with you, like the M416. So, put a sniper rifle and an assault rifle in the backpack of yours then you are able to win the mode easily.

PUBG Mobile Blue Hole Mode: Tips And Tricks To Survive In The 'Safety  Scramble'

Use vehicles to move faster You are able to catch sight of several vehicles in the Scramble Safety mode.

When you’ve seen one, make use of it to drive the team of yours into the safe zone. You won’t take damage from the blue zone when you enter the safe zone in time. As you drive a car, you need to focus on the surroundings of yours. Plan some techniques for the encounter with enemy teams! You’ve to be cautious because vehicles emit sounds, which can spark the attention of others.

Conquering PUBG Mobile Blue Hole Mode is not really hard as long as you’ve an excellent grasp of it. Make an effort to learn the mode’s mechanics also as tips to do so you are able to outplay other players.

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