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Best PUBG Mobile Vending Machine Locations

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Learn all probably the best PUBG Mobile vending machine locations! You receive a certain number of Energy Drinks from the vending machines in the game.

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Are PUBG Mobile vending machines necessary to work with?

Mad Miramar in PUBG Mobile game once again affirms its attractiveness. The map now adds Vending Machines that are actually regarded as “healing stations”. What exactly are these machines for? Can they be really necessary for players? Here’s all of the basic info about them that you need to know!

These healing stations provide Energy Drinks to players. Although these drinks are not medicines or perhaps adrenaline shots, they’re still extremely useful since they are able to restore the energy for players. By drinking energy drinks, you are able to buy an additional edge over opponents in the match of yours. Nevertheless, these drinks do not always spawn very much in areas on the map. Therefore, players must go find a machine that will decrease as much as eight cans of drinks.

Just how can you use them to get Energy Drinks?

When you get to one machine, you are able to interact with it automatically without unlocking it. The machine is actually kind of straightforward as well as easy to work with. You just simply tap the “Purchase” button when you build interaction with one. Next, the drinks are going to appear on the ground. The maximum number of drops you are able to get is actually eight. This means you hit the jackpot!

Exactly what are the best PUBG Mobile vending machine locations?

The Miramar map is very huge, which makes itself much more different with different locations. Looting items appears to be somewhat difficult on this particular map. Hence, in case you would like to make use of the machines for energy drinks, you need to know several top locations beforehand. The list below shows all the top spawn locations for the “healing stations”. When you stick to the list, you are able to get to them easily. Due to the nature of the spawns, these locations are normally big cities. Be cautious when you get there!

Go to these places to “buy” lots of Energy Drinks

El Pozo
Los Leones

Thus, there are 4 spawn locations that you need to visit for purchasing the energy drinks. Even though there’s no assurance that the machines would always pop up in those areas, it’s still likely to be there. It’s also still worth the expedition of yours in case you do want some free energy drinks to boost the strength of yours.

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An Additional method

An additional way to know where to find them is usually to play this particular map – Mad Miramar – over and over again. Keep playing matches on it until you learn it. The more you play it, the more locations you know. Give consideration to big buildings because those spots usually give you great loot. Nevertheless, you have to be cautious when you go there thanks to many gunfights taking place between skilled players.

After learning the top PUBG Mobile vending machine locations, are you prepared to heal your energy? Rather than attempting to loot even more drinks in buildings, why do not you try using the healing stations to get them free? You are able to drink a great deal of energy cans!

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  2. […] Best PUBG Mobile Vending Machine Locations […]

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