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Deathloop Sequel Might be in the Works, Voice Actor Suggests

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Arkane Studios has enjoyed praise for the vast majority of games it has developed over the years, and 2021’s Death loop was no different. The first-person shooter has received its fair share of praise since its PS5 and PC launch nearly two years ago, while its Xbox Series X/S release back in September opened it up to an even wider audience.

And interestingly enough, it seems that Arkane may not be done with that IP just yet. Jason Kelley, who voiced Deathloop’s protagonist Cole, may have let slip in a recent live stream with Ozioma Akagha – who voiced the game’s second protagonist Juliana – that the pair are still lending their talents and portraying the characters for something that may not have been official. publish

Speaking of the process of auditioning for death loop, when asked about the code names Bethesda used for the game as part of the process, Kelley said, “Yeah, I can’t say them because sometimes they still hire us under the code names.” Sheepishly, he then added, “Did I just say something I shouldn’t have said?” His reaction, as well as Akagha’s, seemed to suggest that he certainly did.

Oddly enough, this isn’t the first time Kelley has suggested a new one Death loop a game could be in the works. In May, he tweeted a photo of himself in a recording booth, using hashtags that suggested he was once again voicing Colt. Read more about that here.

Of course, if there is really new Death loop game in the works – or even an expansion for the first one – we may not get to know more about him in his capacity for a while (especially if it’s the first). That said, developer Arkane has other things in the works, with an open world shooter Redfall is currently in development and is said to be launching for Xbox Series X/S and PC in May.

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