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Along with Nvidia’s RTX technology, the upcoming first-person shooter also supports DLSS 3. It’s out on February 21st for consoles and PC.

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Airmen Magic fire isn’t the only first-person shooter to support Nvidia DLSS 3. Mundfish’s Atomic Heart It also appeared in Nvidia’s Special Address at CES 2023, announcing support for the show and showing some amazing images of the drivers in a new trailer. Check it out below.

Atomic Heart a very interesting game. However, ray tracing improves the scene, from the environment to enemies and effects such as ice. The story is set in another historical Soviet Union, where robotics took off in an amazing way. It’s not all sunshine and roses, as players must stop using the robot in Building 3826.

Atomic Heart launches on February 21st for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5, and PC and launches day one with Game Pass. He’s seen his share of setbacks, which have made it clear that his ambitions aren’t always “realistic.” Head here to learn more, or check out what to expect from the upcoming DLC ​​here.

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