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Watch Moonrider navigate the Fallen City in Stage 3, avoiding giant robots and hazards to face off against Flamestalker.

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While there are plenty of big releases this month, fans have plenty of retro-style side-scrolling action to look forward to as well. Joymasher, known for Forging Chromestatements Vengeful guardian: Moonrider later this week. For a taste of what to expect, check out some extensive gameplay footage from Phase 3 below, courtesy of IGN.

In this movie, Moonrider traverses the Fallen City in search of Flamestalker. He can equip one of two modifiers that provide unique abilities beforehand. What starts as a chase eventually leads to Moonrider dodging shots from a robot in the background while pressing forward. There are still plenty of obstacles to overcome, including the classic spike pits.

The battle with Flamestalker sees him unleash flaming ninja stars, rain fire, and much more as time progresses. His defeat nets the Flamearang, which sends a flaming boomerang that returns to Moonrider. Based on performance, you will receive a rank at the end of the stage.

Vengeful guardian: Moonrider out on January 12th for PS4, PS5, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

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