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PUBG Mobile Lite vs Free Fire: Which game has better graphics on Android devices?

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PUBG Mobile Lite vs Free Fire

PUBG Mobile Lite and Free Fire are actually 2 widely popular titles in the esports industry. They’re famous for their low end device support and can certainly also provide an immersive and impressive gaming experience with commendable graphics support.

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PUBG Mobile Lite and Free Fire’s primary aim is usually to fulfill the requirements of low end device users and can certainly also perform exceptionally well in mid range and flagship phones.

This article takes a look at the best optimized graphics settings offered by the 2 titles to determine which is actually better for Android devices.

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Graphics in PUBG Mobile Lite and Free Fire

for Android devices Free Fire Minimum system requirements for Android:

Download Size – 680MBOperating System – Android 4.0.3RAM – one GB (Recommended – two GB)Processor – Mediatek MT6737M quad-core

PUBG Mobile Lite

Minimum system requirements for Android:

Download Size – 567 MBOperating System – Android 4.1RAM – one GB (Recommended – two GB)Processor – Qualcomm Processor
As the minimum system requirement for both these titles is fairly similar, the graphics quality will now be looked upon to determine which one is actually better.

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Graphics in PUBG Mobile Lite

Image via Pol Games/YouTube

Designed by Unreal Engine four (the business that usually designs PC games), the game has high contrast and minute details with vibrant map colors and in depth map texture designing similar to PUBG Mobile.

The game also offers sixty FPS support on mid range smartphones along with gameplay that is smooth for Android users. It is going to run smoothly without any frame drops at this frame rate.

Graphics in Free Fire

Image via HelpTrick/YouTube

On the other hand, Free Fire isn’t very sophisticated with visuals and has a far more cartoonish approach towards the game’s graphic styling.

The maps are vibrant and colorful but fail to give the life like feel as PUBG Mobile Lite. Nevertheless, the game supports a sixty FPS frame rate on mid range phones.

Hence, users are able to enjoy efficient and smooth gameplay at the max graphics settings, i.e., “Max” and “Ultra,” which provides the users with sixty FPS frame rate support.

Which one is better?

Both these titles have impressive graphics quality with a rich gameplay experience. Overall, PUBG Mobile Lite has a more sophisticated look than Free Fire, making it a clear winner.

Though PUBG Mobile Lite has much better graphics for Android devices, Free Fire has better gameplay modes and features to explore within the game

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