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Valve Warns Against Buying Steam Deck Through Unofficial Sources

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In light of the success that Valve is seeing with the Steam Deck, the company has started 2023 with a warning to potential buyers to buy the Steam Deck through official sources only.

For those in the US, Canada, EU and UK, this means purchasing the Steam Deck directly through Steam. On the other hand, potential buyers from Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong are encouraged to buy from Valve’s retail partner, Komodo.

The company goes on to warn buyers against picking up a Steam Deck sold through third-party retailers, as they are not official Valve partners, and create the potential for fraud.

In response, several Twitter users have responded to the post stating that there is still no official way to purchase a Steam Deck in many regions around the world. This includes larger markets such as Latin America and Australia.

Valve engineers recently revealed that in light of the Steam Deck’s success, the company would like to take another shot at designing a new Steam Controller.

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