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The Day Before Will Receive Raw Gameplay Footage in January

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Many survival titles are coming soon, including sequels like Endnight’s Sons of the Forest. The Day Before by Fntastic is another highly anticipated title, currently the second most popular title on Steam. It has a massive scale, and although the trailers have looked neat, the absence of gameplay footage is worrying, especially since it’s out in March.

That’s coming to an end soon, however, as the developer revealed on the game’s Discord (via TheCryptik on Reddit) that raw gameplay footage would be released later in January. “After careful consideration and discussions with our leadership team, we have received approval to share the information you have been eagerly anticipating.

“This month, we will be releasing raw game footage, in accordance with the many requests received from our community. This footage will showcase most of the features and gameplay elements requested by our community and will provide a clear insight into the current state of development for The Day Before. We hope you enjoy it.”

The Day Before was published in 2021 and is an open-world, survival MMO set in a post-apocalyptic United States. As one of many survivors, you must scavenge for food, ammo and resources while avoiding the infected. Other players also encounter them and they can either make life harder or help you.

Originally scheduled to launch on June 21, 2022, The Day Before was delayed until March 1st, 2023, while the developer moved to Unreal Engine 5. Along with PC, it is being developed for Xbox Series X/S and PS5. Stay tuned for more details on the game in the coming days.

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