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Perfect Dark Development Has “Hit a Road Bump or Two” – Rumour

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Crystal Dynamics recently announced that it is finally ceasing development of the beleaguered ones Marvel’s Avengers, which means the studio now has two projects in the works (that we know of, at least) – a new mainline Tomb Raider game and Perfect Dark, which it is co-developing alongside first-party Xbox studio Y Menter (although reports have claimed that Crystal Dynamics is essentially leading the project).

The latter, however, seems to be caught in an endless cycle of behind-the-scenes issues. Reports have continually shed light Perfect Dark development issues, and now, prominent leaker Miller Ross – who reported on the Avengers closed before it was officially announced – said ahead Reset Period that the Xbox title has “hit a bump or two” in development.

While not elaborating on exactly what that refers to, Ross says we’re likely to see the new Tomb Raider game before Perfect Dark. Recently, he also reported that Tomb Raider “well into full-scale development” and is expected to be officially revealed later this year.

Perfect Dark It was announced just over two years ago, but aside from its cinematic reveal trailer, updates on the game have been next to none. Last November, Crystal Dynamics and Eidos CEO Phil Rogers said the project’s development was “going really well”.

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