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Enemies of the heir, beware- the upcoming open world action RPG won’t let you open up the Chamber of Secrets.

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JK Rowling’s persistent transphobia a sprinkler is placed on anything and everything to do Harry Potter in the past few years, and his problems and his comments, understandably, have caused many to question how – if – they want to participate in future field-related activities. Yes, for many, a game that allows you to freely explore Hogwarts and its surroundings and live your life as a magical student is something that has been a dream for many years, and it will not a few people will dive. in and both legs if Hogwarts legend promote and offer the opportunity to do so.

Although the upcoming RPG that appears in the world seems to be a promising thing, it will not allow you to fulfill it. all your Hogwarts thoughts. For example, the game can’t find one special place that series characters are familiar with.

Hogwarts Legacy’s official screenshots of recent leagues, showing a lot of new information on the game. As seen by Reddit users, the leak also confirms that the Chamber of Secrets will not be an accessible location, for several reasons – such as the fact that if you are allowed to enter it, The game must ensure that you do not end. on killing the Basilisk that lives inside, since Harry Potter has to fight and kill the beast in the Chamber about a hundred years after the events of the game.

The script says that the developers first “thought if Chamber of Secrets could work in the game”, but they ultimately decided against it. “Unfortunately, there were some challenges with this and it was decided not to include it,” said the developers. “We certainly don’t want the player thinking they can kill a Basilisk that still needs to be there in 1992!”

Hogwarts legend should be released on February 10 for PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC. It will be released for PS4 and Xbox One on April 4, and for Nintendo Switch on July 25.

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