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The Merc With the Mouth gains En Fuego stacks when taking down enemies, increasing the damage and potency of his abilities.

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Marvel’s Midnight Suns will receive its first paid DLC on January 26th and The Good, The Bad, and The Undead. It adds a new story, enemies and Deadpool as a new character. In a new game show, ChristopherOdd breaks down some of his skills and how they work.

Deadpool is a badass, and his gimmick is En Fuego. He gains En Fuego stacks by KOing enemies, which increases the power of his abilities. For example, Death from Above deals damage based on the number of stacks of En Fuego. When upgraded, Water can also be used.

This **** face will taunt an enemy and gain a Resist for each En Fuego stack. It can also be improved to write a card. Pain Pinata targets and damages all enemies in an area. Each stack of En Fuego increases the area by 25 percent. Finally, one of his most powerful skills is Burning Sensation, which deals a lot of damage that can be doubled for En Fuego stack.

If that wasn’t enough, Deadpool also has a pass, Stay Alive. Heals 15 percent of maximum health each time. When upgraded, an additional amount is released based on En Fuego’s stock.

Deadpool needs some Heroism to be effective and cause a lot of trouble to the right people who support him. More DLC characters like Venom, Storm and Morbius are coming in the future so stay tuned. You can also check out our review of Marvel’s Midnight Suns here.

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