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Square Enix has announced that Life is Strange 2 will follow in the footsteps of other instalments in the series and make its way over to the Switch.

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Over the past few years, Square Enix has brought almost it all Life is strange series over to the Switch, with Life is Strange: True Colors after launching for the Nintendo platform in December 2021, and then Life is Strange: The Arcadia Bay Collection last September. The second installment of the series remains the only one to be available now on the Switch – although that will soon change.

Square Enix has announced that Life is strange 2 releases for the Nintendo Switch. It will launch for the platform in a few days, on February 2, with pre-orders now available on the Switch eShop. As per the game’s eShop pageyou’ll need 26.5 GB of free storage space – which, by Switch standards, is surprisingly hefty.

In our review of life is strange 2, being the last game in the series to be developed by Don’t Nod, it was awarded a score of 9/10, saying, “The jury is out on whether or not Life is strange 2 better than the first game, but undoubtedly bolder and more ambitious, with something meaningful to say.” Read the full review here.

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