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Grand Theft Auto Online Security Exploit Allows Partial Remote Code Execution

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A new security vulnerability has been discovered in Grand Theft Auto Online. Spotted by Tez2 – an account primarily focused on Rockstar Games – evidence of the vulnerabilities has been revealed, which includes the ability for malicious users to execute remote code in the game, according to PCGamer. Currently only on the PC version of Grand Theft Auto Online.

The security vulnerability would essentially allow hackers to install malware on a player’s computer without their knowledge. According to Tez2, Rockstar is aware of these issues.

It was first reported that the exploit gives modders the ability to take away a player’s rank and in-game money, resetting their account in the process. An account could also be corrupted, essentially banning them from being able to play Grand Theft Auto Online.

Currently, it seems that the only real form of protection against these attacks is the Guardian tool, which essentially alerts a player when a modder comes close to executing remote code. The tool’s creator, Speyedr, has warned players that Guardian may not be the best defense against these hacks.

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