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Sonic Team’s Morio Kishimoto says he is thinking of making the next Sonic game more like Sonic Adventure.

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Sonic boundaries It came out a few months ago and is the biggest change to the series formula in a long time, and while it’s not a perfect game, it has reinvented the series with its open world approach. Sonic Team has said on several occasions that it sees Boundaries as the template for the franchise for the foreseeable future – but interestingly enough, the next main line Sonic a game may not necessarily be exactly like its predecessor.

That’s according to Morio Kishimoto, director Sonic boundaries, who recently said in a reply to a fan on Twitter that he was considering dropping the boost mechanic for the next one Sonic game. Hwb has, of course, been a crucial aspect of Sonic games more often than not, but Kishimoto says he wants to make a game that’s more like it Sonic Adventure in terms of level design.

That would mean much more complex levels that encourage players to learn that they are in and out, and to learn their plan and gather momentum to gain speed rather than boost. That’s certainly a style of gameplay that fans of the franchise have loved in the past, but it should be interesting to see how the developers incorporate it into an open world game, should they decide to go down that route.

Of course, before that happens, Sonic boundaries is set to receive plenty of new content in the next few months, with Sega planning to add new story content, playable characters, modes, and more to the game with multiple DLC drops.

Sonic boundaries available on PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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