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Piranha Bytes has released a surpise update for its cult-classic 2009 RPG Risen. The update brings a few modern features to the game.

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Developer Piranha Bytes is here open an update for his 2009 RPG special edition Resurrection. The update, which is compatible with the game’s gameplay on PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, brings many modern features to the game.

Among other things, Resurrection now has support for DirectInput controllers, which means players can now use PS4, PS5 and Nintendo Switch controllers to play the game. There are also Steam Achievements, as well as wealth, which means that the game can now be displayed on Discord when you play.

On the technical side of things, there is not much information about everything that has been installed or added, but the announcement mentions the addition of support for 64-bit hardware, the ability to change the FOV of the game , and other special tweaks related to sounds and physics.

For those who played it back when it came out, Resurrection it has a reputation for being uncompromising in its difficulty, but despite its faults, the game has been praised for its depth, gameplay and writing. Most of the complaints about the game came from technical problems.

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