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A new report claims TT Games has cancelled multiple LEGO titles, including LEGO Disney, with focus now having shifted to LEGO Batman 4 and DLC for Star Wars.

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TT Games has been churning LEGO games at an amazing pace for nearly two decades at this point, but it seems the studio has run into some roadblocks recently. After previous reports of prolonged development issues with LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Sagait now appears that future titles are also facing obstacles.

In fact, Stephen Sharples – who spent 14 years at TT Games in various roles, including game director, until 2021 – has suggested on Twitter that the developer has canceled several LEGO games. He did so in a now-deleted tweet, suggesting that behind-the-scenes information from TT Games continues to leak. When asked what he was referring to, Sharples suggested that the leak arose from a comment on a Fanbyte article for the development issues mentioned above with LEGO star wars.

The comment in question claims that TT Games has canceled four LEGO titles in the last three years, One of them is LEGO Disney, which apparently ended up being shelved because a lot of what the game wanted to do had already been done better Disney’s Dreamlight Valley.

TT Games is reportedly focused on right now The Mandalorian DLC for LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Sagawhile LEGO Batman 4 is also being developed to be.

Previous reports have indicated that LEGO is winding down its exclusive partnership with WB Games and TT Games, with several AAA sports-based LEGO games being worked on in conjunction with 2K. The first of these will allegedly be a LEGO football game developed by Sumo Digital.

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