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Forspoken Guide: How to Reduce Frey And Cuff Dialogues, And Auto Collect Items

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Most big budget AAA games these days include a number of features that make the gameplay less boring. Their sole purpose is to reduce boredom by removing mundane tasks and unnecessary fluff that do not contribute to the actual gaming experience. The prophesying is no stranger to such practices, and in this guide, you will learn a few tips and tricks to help you enjoy the game even more.

How to make Cuff and Frey talk less in Forspoken?

Scuff’s endless sarcastic commentary sounds fun at first, but soon turns into mindless banter. It’s quite annoying, especially if you want to focus on the game. Here are a few ways to shut him up, or at least make his constant jibber-jabber more tolerable.

Disable controller speakers – By default, the speaker on the PS5 controller is turned on. Do yourself a favor and turn it away from the settings menu; otherwise, Cuff will chew your head off with his incessant rants.

Adjust Cuff’s chat frequency – Cuff’s chat frequency can be adjusted from within the game. Go to Accessibility Settings > Cuff Talk Frequency and customize it according to your preferences. The high setting makes Cuff chat non-stop. The least setting makes him chat a decent amount, and the low setting limits its dialogues to essential story events only. The default the venue does exactly what its name suggests.

How to pick up items in Forspoken automatically?

There are a bunch of resources (rocks, fungi, flowers, and feathers) in there The prophesying, and selecting all of them by hand can get very tedious very quickly. So, instead of stopping every few steps to select an item, you can automate the entire task and continue playing the game without any worries.

Simply go to Accessibility Settings > World Settings > Stimulate Collect Items Automatically. Once activated, all crafting materials (except those inside chests) are automatically transferred to your inventory whenever you walk past them.

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