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Crafting options for the raid’s Commemoration Machine Gun have also been expanded, while Citan’s Ramparts eats some nerfs.

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A new hotfix is ​​available for Bungie’s Condition 2, fixed many issues and adjusted a few features. Perhaps the biggest changes for Activities are the most difficult to count progress towards Victories and Challenges. In addition, Rumble is now back as a separate match – it was previously only played in the weekly tournament.

Gambit now gives more than 50 percent reputation benefits, but the free drop of Deepsight weapons that have not yet released their designs has increased for Deep Stone Crypt encounters. The attacker’s Memorial gun should also be allowed to generate Rapid Hit, High Impact Save, Depressed Feed and Under Pressure. Of course, you can also make custom improvements to these benefits.

Bad news for the Titans, as the Citan’s Ramparts have increased the Barricade’s power drain by 70 percent. Players can also deal 25 percent increased damage. Walls of Citan should be reduced in PvP. Check out some of the hotfix details below and full details here.

Destiny 2 Hotfix



Heist Battleground

  • Fixed an issue where Shadebinder Warlocks were unable to fire Stasis artifacts during their Super.
    The difficulty of the story is now given the progression in many Victories and Challenges.
  • Year-5 Regular seasonal activities are now subject to clear progression of all Season Pass Exotic catalyst quests.
  • Fixed an issue where the Season Triumph Race was running with Heavy Grenade Launchers instead of Pulse Rifles.


  • Rumble: Brought back as a match and eliminated from the tournament each week.
  • Showdown: Fixed an issue where respawning would not display correctly on the scoreboard.


  • Increase reputation success by over 50%.

Gaming and Investments


Citan’s Ramparts:

  • Increased Barricade power reduction while Citan’s Ramparts are equipped by 70%.
  • Increases the amount of damage taken by players in Citan’s Barricade by 25%.

Developer’s Note: This change should reduce how often one sees Citan’s Barricade in PvP, as well as add more opportunities. for proper adaptation.



  • Adjusted Deep Stone Crypt attacks to welcome rewards in favor of Deepsight weapons whose designs have not been fully released.
  • Updated the Deep Stone Crypt’s Commemoration Machine Gun to effectively allow Rapid Hit and High-Impact Reserves as combo options, as well as Cold Feed and Under the Pressure. This includes integrating support for custom enhancements to these benefits.
  • Fixed an issue where Tripwire Canary was not displaying the correct image time data in the UI.

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