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Forspoken Guide: How Long To Beat And How Many Chapters Are There?

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According to pre-launch information, The prophesying supposed to have 30-40 hours worth of mainline content. However, when the game was released, it was discovered that there was only 16-17 hours of core content. There are side quests (Diversions) that can extend the overall play time, but the total length of the main story falls short of expectations.

How many episodes are there in Forspoken?

A total of 13 chapters in the game. Twelve of them deal with the main story, while the thirteenth is a post-game chapter. Here is a list of all of them:

  1. Chapter 1: Attachments
  2. Chapter 2: Stuck
  3. Chapter 3: The Interloper
  4. Chapter 4: What Must Be Done
  5. Chapter 5: Gall and Main
  6. Chapter 6: Damned if you do…
  7. Chapter 7: The Color Blue
  8. Chapter 8: The Truth Will Come Out
  9. Chapter 9: Breakpoint
  10. Chapter 10: None The Wiser
  11. Chapter 11: Forspoken
  12. Chapter 12: Awakening
  13. Chapter 13: New Beginnings

How long are the chapters in Forspoken?

Not all episodes are created equal The prophesying. Although some chapters take only 30 minutes, others may take multiple hours to complete. However, towards the end of the game, some chapters tend to progress faster compared to their previous counterparts.

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