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The actor who plays Ellie in the HBO series says a second season is likely to happen, even though it hasn’t been officially greenlit yet.

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HBO’s The last of us got off to a good start, and it is clear that the show is a very important and successful business for the network. The first season, consisting of nine episodes, will cover the events of the first game and its DLC, Leave it behind, what about future seasons? Is that in the pipe?

Like Bella Ramsey, who plays the deuteragonist Ellie in the TV show, it’s very much on the cards. Talk to BBCRamsey recently said that a second season of the show is “very likely” to happen.

“If people keep watching, I think [a second series] it seems,” he said. “It’s all about guys on HBO.”

That said, the second season has not been officially approved by HBO. Ramsey said, “Nothing has been confirmed so we’ll have to wait and see.”

The number of viewers was announced by HBO The last of us’ The first two episodes were impressive, with the first series drawing more than 18 million viewers since its debut last week, and the second episode debuting with 5.7 million viewers. watching

The success of the TV show has flowed into increased sales for the game, with both The Follow Us Part 1 for PS5 and The Elders of Our Restoration for the PS4 enjoyed an increase in sales in the UK last week.

Head over here to check out a trailer for The last of us’ the third part, which begins on January 29.

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