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Players compete in teams across procedurally generated maps, building bases, gathering resources and attacking each other.

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Mojang and Blackbird Interactive started the Xbox and Bethesda Games Developer_Direct with Minecraft Legends. We’ve heard quite a bit about the campaign, but there’s also PvP, which the teams have finally revealed. He also confirmed a release date of April 18th.

PvP is a competitive team-based mode. Players share resources and can take on separate roles, such as collecting, building, etc. Some players can also explore the world for different resources. Worlds are procedurally generated, ensuring a different experience every time. Furthermore, the piglets will appear and attack on both sides.

When you’re confident enough, attack the other team’s base, which can have walls, gates, and much more. You’ll need to protect your base, but items like ice traps will help. Be careful. as the announcer will reveal developments as large as the enemy’s Red Stone Launcher. PvP supports cross-platform and online matchmaking.

Minecraft Legends out for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5, PC and Nintendo Switch.

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