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The cards offer several benefits, from throwing energy waves at enemies to slowing down time and dancing to recover health.

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Of the Yakuza/Like a dragon series has its share of crazy elements, but Ryuga Gotoku: Ishin! no doubt there were some of the highest. Its dungeons allowed players to use Trooper Cards that granted special abilities. In repetition Like a Dragon: Sa!, you can use these cards in normal combat, making for some interesting builds.

A new trailer has been released to show how this works. Each card corresponds to a Combat Style and can change the flow of a fight. Time to Fix, for example, slows all enemies down, leaving them open to Ryoma’s attacks. Essence of Healing Jubilee sees her dancing with enemies and recovering.

You can also fire energy waves, flames and lightning bolts at enemies. Trooper Cards can also be upgraded, and become more powerful over time. Although they may be a little crazy for some players, it is a nice choice.

Like a Dragon: Sa! is out on February 21st for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5, and PC. Go here for the new game.

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