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Following a report on loot box-like mechanics, Full Circle says there won’t be any paid gameplay advantages or pay-walled areas.

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The whole Circle continues to spread c Skiing, the follow-up to the Electronic Arts surfing franchise. No release date is confirmed, but it’s free-to-play with crossover and progression. Microtransactions seem to be a given but concerns were echoed in a report on Swag Bags.

Pre-alpha tests revealed to Insider Gaming recently that Swag Bags contain cosmetics and can be purchased with Stars. These are obtained by completing challenges, but you can only see one of the five given. There are concerns of money, Swag Bags or both that can be financed down the line.

Full Circle has not confirmed that directly, but reiterated in a recent tweet that the title will not be pay-to-win. There are no maps locked behind walls, and no loot boxes. Although Swag Bags and special jewelry may be a thing, you won’t pay for the first or have an advantage over others.

Skiing is coming to PC. Stay tuned for more information on other platforms in the coming months.

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