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Forspoken Guide: How To Earn XP Faster

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The prophesying is a dangerous action adventure game. Each stage presents a new challenge, a new monster to defeat, or new obstacles to overcome. The objectives are undoubtedly difficult, especially if your character is not sufficiently leveled. This guide helps combat such issues by revealing the secrets to farming XP faster than usual. So without further ado, let’s get started.

How to Farm XP in quickly The prophesying?

The fastest ways to farm in XP The prophesying in:

Achieving Victory In Battles – Like most fighting games, winning battles is the fastest way to farm XP, and The prophesying it is not an exception; but that’s not all. The combat rank also determines the amount of XP awarded at the end of each combat.

How often players dodge attacks, land spells on opponents, and execute perfect dodges also play a role in determining their overall combat performance. Calm, calculated and practiced moves are more rewarding than mindless button mashing. So, if players want to farm XP quickly in The prophesyingthey must diversify their fighting skills.

Go after Diversion – Most players focus only on completing the main story, and technically, you can complete the core game (not including side quests, aka Detours) before reaching level 50. However, if you want to really enjoy the game and gain decent chunks of XP at the same time, then consider doing the side quests.

Reduce difficulty to low – In addition to weaker monsters and easier encounters, the low difficulty setting rewards you with easy XP. If you want to enjoy the game and level up quickly, switch to low difficulty for best results.

Enable automatic auto avoidance – Activating this feature lets Frey avoid extremely difficult attacks that are hard to avoid even by professional players. The trait significantly boosts your combat rating and allows you to level up faster than usual.

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