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Turtle Rock Studios talks about Back 4 Blood

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Back 4 Blood release date, alpha, crossplay, and everything else we know |  GamesRadar+
Back 4 Blood

Back 4 Blood

Back 4 Blood is actually the spiritual successor to the smash hit co op zombie shooter series, Left four Dead, and Turtle Rock wants to make it into the very best damn co op experience there can be.

As the studio that revolutionized co op shooters and spawned dozens of spin offs and imitators to the hordes shooter genre, Turtle Rock has set a higher goal for themselves.

To help achieve this goal, they have released a small dev video outlining the vision of theirs and also the process behind making Back four Blood.

Making Back 4 Blood stand apart from Left four Dead

There is no way for Back 4 Blood to stay away from comparisons with Left four Dead; the games are simply too similar. Due to this, Turtle Rock is not pushing Back four Blood as just another spin off game styled after the innovations of Left four Dead. Rather, they are marketing it a lot as the unofficial sequel to Left four Dead.

This’s probably good, given that Left four Dead is actually among the most recognizable party games out there. Were it not for Turtle Rock’s later separation from Valve and Valve’s alleged disdain for the number “three,” it is likely that this game will have been an actual sequel.


Back 4 Blood: Turtle Rock Studios Are Finally Making Their Own Co-Op Zombie  Shooter - The Games' Edge
Back 4 Blood

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Back 4 Blood have been given a greater degree

During the showcase, Turtle Rock showed how Back four Blood will discuss a number of design features, like an array of firearms, melee weapons, special infected, obstacles, dark interiors, and most importantly, the AI director. All of these features, familiar to fans of Left four Dead, have been given a greater degree of polish for current gen PCs and consoles.

Different to Back four Blood is how the game incorporates more significant modifiers to the game to be able to shake up the experience. Additionally, Back four Blood has more class based characters, allowing players to tune the game to their liking.

Turtle Rock Studios Reveals First Screenshot For Upcoming Co-op Shooter 'Back  4 Blood' - Bloody Disgusting

Working on Back 4 Blood is playing Back four Blood

The one thing that stood out during Turtle Rock’s discussion of the development process of theirs is how the designers have been aggressively playtesting the game.

It makes sense, given that their goal is usually to come up with a game which has nearly endless replayability. Ideally, the latest alpha test they organized provided some useful info to the developers.

Fan outlook on Back 4 Blood appears to be cautiously optimistic, with the game looking refined and enjoyable to play with a group of friends. One major concern would be that the game is currently listed at sixty dolars, a price point a large number of players are not prepared to pay for multiplayer games.

Back 4 Blood: Everything We Know About New Left 4 Dead Studio Game | Den of  Geek
Back 4 Blood

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Back 4 Blood Fans

Because of the high number of free to play or perhaps at least cheap to play party games currently available, the high price may scare away some players. A playgroup would have to spend a collective $240 just to have a full group for this game.

But Turtle Rock knows the game of theirs and just how much they would like to value it at, so fans will simply have to wait for the release to find out if it lives up to the cost.

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