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Get Metro: Last Light Redux for free on GOG 2021

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For the next 2 days anyone is able to make the way of theirs to and snag themselves a free copy of Metro: Last Light Redux.

The award winning Metro series follows the books of the same name about a group of survivors living in the metro beneath an irradiated Moscow. In addition to that, the Metro games also serve as a spiritual successor to the successful S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series of harsh, open world sim type games.

Metro: Last Light review | PC Gamer

What’s Metro: Last Light Redux?

Metro: Last Light was the sequel to Metro: 2033, and takes place shortly after the events of the first game, serving as a direct continuation of the events in the first game. Just like the other Metro games, Last Light featured a rich and dark atmosphere where ammo was monsters, people, and scarce alike were hostile.

Metro: Last Light upgraded a great deal of the features from the previous game, most notably by significantly improving the game’s stealth mechanics. This helped players play on the harder difficulties, where having more than 4 bullets might be a luxury, without having to resort to desperate combat.

Last Light is actually a linear story based adventure, great for wanting to experience a narrative that explores the struggle to stay human in the midst of a nuclear wasteland. The writing is actually compelling and strong, with a dark edge that fits right in with the atmosphere.

Overall, the Metro series is actually a joy to play, so long as you are able to deal with the bleak outlook on human society and life.

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Metro: Last Light Redux improves the game a lot more

After the release of Last Light, 4A Games continued working on them, adding enhancements to the graphics and engine to make the games shine on new consoles. The Redux games also included all DLC made for the game, making them a good way to enter the series.

10 Minutes In The Swamp With Metro: Last Light - YouTube

Metro: Last Light is usually a little bit daunting and difficult to follow for players who skipped Metro: 2033, but Last Light does include a number of exposition and cutscenes to keep players that are new up to speed.

Whether you would like to jump into the series with Last Light or perhaps pick it up to play after beating 2033, the game is actually free to keep on GOG for the next 2 days. There is no reason at all to miss out on such a fantastic chance.

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