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Job ads have revealed potential details on the spinoff, which will seemingly also include multiple game modes, a branching storyline, and more.

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The Witcher Fans have quite a bit to look forward to in the coming years, with many new titles currently in development, and while many of them will provide action RPG shows in the world where the series built its reputation, especially. is set to be quite unique. In fact, it is Project Siriusthe game is being developed by Drake Hollow create The Molasses Flood, new information may arise now thanks to the many job listings (via Reddit).

The most important information emerging from the announcement is probably the fact that the game will feature multiplayer elements, as evidenced by a list for the level of Senior Multiplayer Awardwhich mentions collaboration and “the use of multiplayer game components, game systems, player progression, and social systems.”

Now, a list for Technical Games it also mentions “experience working with policy makers” under its “nice to have” section, suggesting Project Sirius it can feature legal settings like the previous games developed by The Molasses Flood. Interestingly, the list for Information Management it also mentions things like “weave” and “cinematic” history and “audio”. Of the Senior Artist of the World list, meanwhile, describes the title as a “stylized” game.

When CD Projekt first spoke Project Sirius last year, it was said that the game was in pre-production, which means that it is not possible to reveal any information on an official level in the near future. Of course, as always, there is also the possibility that what the developer thinks to do in these early stages of the development will end up not making the cut – meaning things all may not be well established. now.

The number of others The Witcher CD Projekt RED has also confirmed the games are in development behind The Molasses Flood’s Project Sirius, it includes a new main game that will start a new story for the series, as well as a rework of the world of the first game.

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