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Dead Space Remake Guide – How To Unlock The Alternate Ending

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Most games that are remade usually have better graphics compared to the original version, and that’s usually it. The same goes for Dead Space, but with one additional feature. There is an alternate ending (which is a nice touch), and judging by the positive response from the community, it was the right choice by the developers.

Not only does the current generation get to enjoy a great game with modern graphics, but the older generation gets to relive their nostalgia alongside something new which is the other end in this case. Let’s look at the requirements needed to unlock another ending Dead Space Remake.

How to unlock the alternate ending in Dead Space Remake?

To get the alternate ending, you must first complete the game and play it again in New Game Plus mode. During the playthrough, you must collect 12 Marker Pieces, and only then will the secret ending be revealed to you. Here is a video guide showing the locations of all twelve markers.

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