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The latest trailer for Wanted: Dead explains the various enemies and bosses that can be fought in the upcoming action game.

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Developer Soleil and publisher 110 Industries have released a new trailer for the upcoming game. Required: Death continue the game of cars explained. The new thing talks about the different enemies of the game and boss fights.

The three-minute long trailer talks about a wide variety of enemies, from random people and construction materials to the bosses of major crime families. Players need to stay on the move to survive, and must constantly adapt their strategy to deal with different waves of enemies.

When it comes to boss fights, Requirements: Death will show a good variety, such as mechanized walking tanks with a lot of fire, a sniper shop with a machine gun, and a sword that renews health and great speed.

Requirements: Death these trailers were first used in other parts of the game, including the finish, as well as the battle.

Requirements: Death coming to PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S on February 14.

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