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Sony reveals that in addition to retaining existing PlayStation users, the PS5 is also attracting a significant amount of newcomers to the ecosystem.

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In more than two years since its launch, the PS5 has managed to sell 32.1 million units worldwide, and with the lack of sales after the end, Sony is expecting an increase of comfort shopping in the coming months and years. Of course, the company will count on many users who are in the PlayStation ecosystem to make the jump from PS4 to PS5, but it seems that the latter group is attracting a lot of new users. .

In its most recent quarterly earnings report, Sony revealed that almost 30% of PS5 monthly users do not own a PS4. “With the spread of PS5, the acquisition of new users is progressing,” the company wrote. In addition, the number of monthly users also increased by 30% in the month of December – which should be expected, because the increase in new sales is usually seen in the last weeks of each year. .

Meanwhile, Sony also said that for users who migrated from PS4 to PS5, the parameters are “very high” on the new console. This includes things like PS Plus user ratings, game time, and total spend.

Since the launch of the PS5, Sony has continued strong support for the PS4, with many of its first-party exclusives being launched as cross-gen titles, including the likes of . God of War Ragnarok, Horizon Forbidden Westand Gran Turismo 7. That said, it looks like the company is starting to shift more of its focus to current hardware. Marvel’s Spider-Man 2for example, it will be launched exclusively for PS5 this Fall, while Sony also previously said that it will completely eliminate active support for PS4 in 2025 in general.

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