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Microsoft Flight Simulator is Reviving the Antonov An-255 “Mirya” on Februray 27

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In its latest developer stream, Microsoft has announced that Microsoft Flight Simulator gets the largest plane in the world which is now destroyed — the Antonov An-255 “Mirya”.

The plane, which was destroyed in early 2022, flew on its last mission in February 2022, carrying 90 tonnes of Covid-19 test kits from China to Denmark. The plane was destroyed by a Russian attack on Antonov Airport in Hostomel, where the plane was based. It was originally built in 1985, and entered service in 2001.

The Antonov An-255 “Mirya” will be available at Microsoft Flight Simulator as part of a licensing agreement between Microsoft, Antonov, and IniBuilds. To help ensure accuracy, Antonov’s An-255 Dmytro captain will also be involved in the development.

The plane will come to Microsoft Flight Simulator on February 27 as part of the one year anniversary of its destruction. It will be priced at $20, with proceeds going to Antonov and the Ukraine.

Microsoft Flight Simulator available on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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