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Capcom has announced that its classic point-and-click adventure game Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective is making its way to modern platforms.

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Capcom has introduced that point-and-click action game Spirit Medicine: Detective coming to PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. Although there is no release date yet, Spirit Medicine: Detective is slated for a Summer 2023 release.

Spirit Medicine: Detective put players in the shoes of Sissel—a ghost stranded in the afterlife. The game mostly revolves around solving puzzles, finding clues, and using natural abilities to discover the truth behind the death of Sissel.

The reopening of Spirit Medicine: Detective it will introduce many new features, including new HD images, and newly-arranged and recorded music. The re-release will also feature new updated controls from the original Nintendo DS game released back in 2011.

The background music of the game has been recreated one-by-one by Yasumasa Kitagawa, who is known for the music in it. The Residence of the Ace Attorney General.

Check out the auto show for Spirit Medicine: Detective‘s release on the modern standards below.

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