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How to become a poison-spewing vampire shark in Maneater

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To get the slick shadow head, body, teeth, fins, and tail, you’ll need to find every landmark on 5 different maps. Here’s where they are. Maneater

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Want the full set of Maneater shadow improvements for your shark? Equipping the shadow mind, tooth, body, fins, and also tail turns you right into a slick, smooth, poison spewing, time slowing, health leeching vampire shark, but to get the whole shadow evolutions set you will have to locate each ME landmark over the chart.

Landmarks are tourist attractions around the planet of Maneater, each marked with a yellowish sign on a rubber pole you need find and also chomp onto unlock. Unlocking every landmark in a region (there are 7 areas with landmarks within all) incentives you with a new shadow set part or maybe another useful evolution.

It is not always easy finding all those landmarks, though. You are able to ping together with your shark sonar to disclose them in case they are close by, or maybe you might learn them obviously while swimming around. But several landmarks are hidden deep underwater, and several are on land, therefore it is very easy to miss some during the travels of yours.


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Below you will find maps of all of Maneater‘s 7 regions, with the place of any landmark proven as a red circle providing you are needing assistance locating a couple of. You are able to enlarge every map by clicking the best best corner. Happy hunting!

Maneater Fawtick Bayou landmark locations

ME Dead Horse Lake landmark locations

ME Golden Shores landmark locations

ME Sapphire Bay landmark locations

ME Prosperity Sands landmark locations

ME Caviar Key landmark locations

ME The Gulf landmark locations


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