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God of War : Fallen God Comic Gets New Release Date

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After being delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, God of War: Fallen God issue #1 gets a new release date set for early 2021.

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god of war
god of war

God Of War

Earlier this season, Dark Horse announced that a brand new God of War comic was inside the is effective. It’s set to bridge the happenings between God of War three as well as 2018’s God of War, and also it will probably go quite a distance in explaining just how Kratos went from a rage fueled device to the greater emotionally stable Kratos observed in the Norse setting. It will take place immediately after the defeat of his of Athena and Zeus, as “he sets sail for the wasteland in an effort to distance himself from the home of his and the shame of his and then discover the rage of his and also guilt follow close behind.”

God of War: Fallen God #1 was initially placed to discharge in June 2020, but like most things this season, which was postponed because of the continuous COVID 19 Pandemic. Today, the official Dark Horse site has updated the release day to March ten, 2021. It must be mentioned that Dark Horse itself has not said very much on the issue, but at exactly the same time, it is not likely to be a placeholder date either. These usually fall at the conclusion of monthly or maybe quarter, so barring some kind of Dark House announcement or mistake, that looks like a good release date just for the comic.


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Some details

For those keen on this particular God of War comic, it is really worth noting it’s a mini series (though precise run matter hasn’t been determined), so this particular matter is valued at 1dolar1 3.99. It’s created by Chris Roberson, with Tony Parker while the artist, John Roshell as the letterer, Dan Jackson as the colorist, and then Dave Rapoze while the Cover artist. While seeing it slowed out of 2020 is fairly disappointing, it is really worth noting that this simply makes 2021 a larger 12 months for God of War.

The latest announced God of War Ragnarok sequel is among the most anticipated video games of 2021, although little is thought about it as of but, lots of people are fired up for Santa Monica Studio’s subsequent showing of all of the game. Mixed with this new comic run, and followers of the franchise are really in for a great treat. It is not likely the 2 link in any major way, most would agree that much more God of War is just a great idea.

For the time being, fans will just have to wait and find out what 2021 has within department store for the franchise. Since the GOW Ragnarok sequel does not use a release day, it appears to be safe to suppose it will drop later on in the season, so people who would like even more before then must monitor this particular comic come March.

God of War: Fallen God #1 releases March 10, 2021.

several of the shortcuts

Naturally, not every single emotion is highlighted from this particular perspective, as several of the shortcuts utilized by developers as Santa Monica Studio start to be immediately obvious when God of War ‘s video camera is altered. One of these simple moments arrives once the perspective shifts to Mimir conversing to Baldur, Magni, and also Modi before meeting Kratos just for the very first time. Other camera tricks have found it before, though the characters are placed being lifted somewhat from the soil to show up correctly from the perspective players are frequently given, before disappearing in the floor as they exit.

The mod itself is like it might improve several scenes, although it might require an additional degree of suspension of disbelief, as some graphical errors show up that have earlier been concealed by God of War ‘s common perspective. Nevertheless, Speclizer does not elaborate within the video, or maybe its description and added comments, where players are able to get this mod, or how you can get it running. Nevertheless, the shots that the information creator has posted are amazing on their own, and also Speclizer has plenty more footage from the game for followers to savor about the majority on the YouTube channel.


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