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Apex Legends Player Pretends to be MARVN and Bamboozles Enemies

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One Apex Legends player manages to bamboozle a ton of enemies in-game by playing as Pathfinder and pretending to be the map’s MARVN.

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Apex Legends
Apex Legends

Apex Legends

Apex Legends is not usually a game of deception, but around top scenarios, it could be. Many live this up to Mirage and the clones of his to bamboozle adversaries, but a person players have was able to do really that with Pathfinder.

On the Olympus chart, it appears Redditor as well as YouTuber Kam1Yo killed the MARVN which is usually discovered in game and needed its location as well as present as Pathfinder. This, for turn, triggered every enemy that got into the space to disregard the professional, effectively taking above an Apex Legends bamboozle.


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The hilarity sets it when a number of enemies are within the room or even as he takes a couple of container photos at adversaries, who’re confused by what’s developing. While players are able to capture and kill that particular MARVN, a lot of do not (which is mirrored in the commentary on Reddit). Apex Legends players often expect nothing from that particular MARVN, that is an element of why this works very well and is extremely hilarious, and the reality that he’s Pathfinder’s heirloom certainly goes quite a distance in taking off that bamboozle.

The famous character

Naturally, Pathfinder is and always will be a popular Apex Legends persona, even in case he has been nerfed as a result of the heights he previously held. Officially, Pathfinder has been getting a great deal of interest also as a result on the Fight Night occurrence. It originally leaked, but the AL Stories coming from the Outlands video essentially confirms it’s coming alongside the great Pathfinder banner on Olympus too. It will be a set function with a distinctive Pathfinder epidermis as the crown jewel, and also it will probably start sometime within the subsequent few months.


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Apex Legends design and style director Jason McCord confirms that a highly requested feature is coming on the fight royale game within its upcoming season.

Apex Legends season eight is just a couple of weeks away, though very little is thought about it at this particular moment. Followers of the fight royale game is able to have several realistic anticipations for Apex Legends time of year eight, like a brand new character, nerfs and buffs (with Wraith confirmed to obtain a nerf), and also several various other posts. And now, custom director Jason McCord has established another is coming in season eight.


At the conclusion of each fight, Apex Legends players are able to see stats like the total amount of kills and harm done. Mid-game, however, players are only able to see the amount of kills and assists they’ve at any moments. Fans have been planning to see full damage done so far mid-match, and it looks like brand new Damage Tracker is coming inside Season 8.

Although what it is like is up in the environment, odds are it will show up within the top right of the display close to kills and assists. This has been in the works for a couple days now, with it previous getting commented on again in October. In either case, so long as it hits, Apex Legends players will have the ability to discover exactly how much harm they do from struggle to battle in the game.

Apex Legends is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One, with a Switch version in development.


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