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Minecraft YouTuber Dream Shows Video Clip of Himself Not As Cartoon Character

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Minecraft YouTuber Dream shows a video clip of what could be him behind a sign bearing his familiar cartoon logo, surprising fans everywhere.

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Minecraft Youtuber
Minecraft Youtuber

Minecraft YouTuber

A recent clip produced on Twitter has Minecraft Youtuber followers excited for the first day of the new year. The video clip appears to reveal common Minecraft YouTuber Dream and have a cartoon sign covering the face of his, prompting the expression “he’s real” to start trending on Twitter.

Fantasy is a YouTube content originator with around fifteen million members. He focuses on Minecraft related material ranging from speedrun videos to issues with the friends of his, occasionally involving cash prizes similar to fellow YouTube feeling Mr Beast, who hid 1dolar1 100,000 really worth of gift cards inside a Minecraft Youtuber server for followers to uncover. Unlike Mr Beast, nonetheless, Dream doesn’t show the face of his on the content that he produces, making his Twitter video recording a surprise for followers.


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What about The clip

The clip was published this early morning and starts with an image of a person positioned behind a signal bearing Dream ‘s cartoon deal with logo. The individual behind the signal (who many believe to become Dream) moves their hands around. At the conclusion of the footage, a title card is found bearing the phrases “Mr Beast YouTube Rewind,” accompanied by “4pm EST January 1st.” It has never ever made clear in case the person behind the signal is Dream, although nine second video was sufficient to transmit Dream followers right into a craze.

As for the name card, it references 2 things: YouTube Rewind, a yearly clip by YouTube starring fasteners coming from the most widely used content makers on the website, and then Mr Beast, who’ll be undertaking his YouTube Rewind clip after YouTube announced it wouldn’t be performing 1 in light of the COVID 19 pandemic. Fantasy fans are glad to eventually be experiencing a glimpse of what could be their beloved content material creator within the flesh.


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Nevertheless, not everybody is delighted that “he’s real” is a trending subject on Twitter. For each fan excited around Dream ‘s video there’s another lambasting the YouTuber’s supporters. Fantasy is not totally free of controversy, as 1 of his Minecraft Youtuber speedruns was just lately examined by the speedrunning moderation staff, that accused him of cheating by adjusting RNG to enhance the time of his.

Dream responded

Dream responded to the cheating accusations by professing innocence using the assistance of a researcher, though his status has brought a blow. No matter his guilt or innocence, it is apparent that many believe the conversation on whether Dream actually exists is an inane subject being trending on Twitter in the conclusion of the a hard year. Anyone interested in the promoted video is going to have to hold out and find out whether Dream will disclose the face of his during Mr Beast’s YouTube Rewind on January one.

YouTube is an unusual video platform when compared with others, like Twitch or perhaps Facebook. YouTube is the de facto site for brand new game announcement trailers, gameplay footage, as well as much more, but perhaps the hyped movies that involve the video game business pale in recognition when compared with day content creators enjoying and playing one game. Such is the situation with Minecraft, which stays YouTube’s most viewed game of 2020, although the big difference between other games and Minecraft Youtuber is unbelievable.

Based on YouTube’s genuine Culture & Trends Report for 2020, Minecraft may be the most viewed game on the wedge with 201 billion perspectives this season. This’s punctuated by the sole Minecraft video making YouTube’s Top Trending Videos checklist, YouTube originator Dream ‘s “Minecraft Youtuber Speedrunner VS three Hunters GRAND FINALE.” This video recording by itself has more than fifty seven million views and was introduced in mid August.

The thing that makes Minecraft’s 201 billion perspective total staggering is how it compares towards the game that arrived in second spot. The other most view game on YouTube found 2020 was Roblox, the free-to-play wedge loaded with special mini games. Roblox accrued an impressive seventy six billion ideas on YouTube, but that means Minecraft pulled in over 2.5 times Robox’s complete views in 2020. It is that well known of a game, despite Roblox getting played by over 50 % of children in the US.


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