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Inti Creates Announces Gal Gun Returns Cancelled For Xbox Family Of Consoles

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Gal Gun Returns

Inti Creates has announced the cancelation of Gal Gun Returns on the Xbox family of consoles. The official announcement was made on the official site for the game at the end of 2020. The title will now only launch on PC and also the Nintendo Switch later this month.

In the statement, the developer states that they were in discussion with Microsoft during the game developmThe difficult decision was made to cancel the Xbox family of devices and just concentrate on the PC and Nintendo Switch release. A PlayStation launch wasn’t planned so that the company is able to focus the efforts of its on just 2 platforms.

Inti Creates Announces North American Console Release Date For Gal Gun  Returns | Happy Gamer

The plans are canceled

The statement from Inti Creates ended with an apology to Xbox players who were awaiting the game. This does not mean the end of the connection between Inti Creates, PQube, or perhaps Microsoft. You will find plans to release titles for Xbox devices in the future, but for now, plans for Gal Gun Returns are actually canceled.

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The protagonist has fallen

Gal Gun Returns is a total remake of the first Gal Gun game. Players control an ordinary high school pupil that has been suddenly granted the ability to be very popular with females. The protagonist is given a specific gun to fight off lovestruck pupils.

At the same time, the protagonist has fallen for one of the main heroines. Within the story mode, there are ridiculous, silly, and serious events awaiting the hero.

Gal Gun Returns is canceled on Xbox One | France24 News English

The remake edition contains optimized graphics for current gen hardware for even smoother gameplay than before. Brand new illustrations and character design overhauls also appear in the game. events that are Important, like meeting the primary heroines, have new illustrations also.

Every among the 70+ characters is fully voiced. Several known Japanese voice actresses have joined the title to make a new immersive Gal Gun experience.

The title includes additional game modes besides “Story Mode.” “Score Attack Mode” has players trying to get probably the highest score possible. “Doki Doki Carnival” is where players try to attack as many targets as you can.

Gal Gun 2 - Key Art With Logo

Players can also collect more than 250 illustrations from the current and previous title, then view them in the Gallery. The remake also contains popular DLC from the first game which is immediately available from the start.ent. The game was finished on the Xbox while Microsoft was reviewing the master ROM. Nevertheless, during the review, it started to be apparent that Inti Creates wouldn’t ensure a consistent experience across all platforms. The cancelation is actually unrelated to the game’s actual content.

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