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A new trailer highlights new features, including the rearranged soundtrack, the Collection for viewing artwork, and much more.

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Capcom is Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective coming to Xbox One, PS4, PC, and Nintendo Switch on June 30th. Based on the 2010 mystery adventure title by Shu Takumi from Attorney Ace fame, it includes high resolution images and several other new features.

Along with higher resolution and frame rates, the user interface has been combined into one screen. All 37 BGM tracks have been rearranged by The Great Ace Attorney composer Yasumasa Kitagawa, although fans can still switch to the original versions. The game’s original composer, Masakazu Sugimori, has also composed a brand new track for the title.

A new Collection feature is also available, allowing players to view any artwork or music encountered in the game (along with some “never seen before” concept art). All the puzzles from the smartphone version are included, and new Challenges are met through “special conditions.”

Those who pre-order will receive four game screen backgrounds and two BGM tracks, Missile and Brave Little Creature -Chicken Paradise. Stay tuned for more details on the road to the release of the remaster.

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