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Follow Query, a detective program in the Grid, as he investigates what was lost, questioning suspects and deciphering Identity Discs.

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Bithell Games have released a new trailer for TRON: Identity, his upcoming mystery visual novel based on the Disney sci-fi series. It also announced a release date of April 11th for PC and Nintendo Switch. Check out the gameplay below.

Similar to Thomas was alone a Subsurface Newsletter, much of the gameplay revolves around dialogue choices. Like the detective program Interrogation, you explore a new Grid and you have to find out what was taken (and by whom). There are suspects to interrogate, environments to explore and secrets to uncover.

Identity Discs provide puzzles for discerning memories and uncovering the truths hidden within. Of course, based on your choices, the story will change with some characters becoming allies, enemies or disaffected. There are many endings and approaches to take, providing some replay value.

Stay tuned for more details and gameplay in the coming weeks. In the meantime, you can read our review of John Wick Hexalso developed by Bithell Games.

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