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Executive producer Jared Neuss says the team is “planning the time we’re going to talk about it,” which is “soon” (and not Blizzard Soon™).

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After launching as a free-to-play title last October, Blizzard Entertainment’s Overwatch 2 received new heroes, maps, cosmetics and more. However, this is the year that its PvE content – the whole reason for the sequel – is due to release. When can players expect to learn more?

According to executive producer Jared Neuss in a recent Twitch stream, it is “soon.” “What I will say is, we are currently planning the time we are going to talk about, which will be… I’ve said this before, soon, and I actually means it will be quite soon.”

When there was a joke about the classic Blizzard Soon™, Neuss explained that it was “Not Blizzard Soon™, Jared soon. Which is a different thing. Which… is faster.” Of course, it remains to be seen how soon that is. Neuss has already confirmed that the team will give a glimpse of “what the year has in store” for the title “soon.”

Given that Season 4 has no details on the road to its possible start next month, we may learn more in the coming weeks. Overwatch 2’s PvE content has been touted as a fully featured story journey with unique skill trees and abilities for heroes. There are also tons of Hero Missions for extensive replay value, we heard last year. In the meantime stay tuned for updates.

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