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Season Pass owners can explore a higher difficulty mode with fewer resources and harsher deaths while getting new skins.

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The Callisto Protocol’s latest paid DLC, The Belt Buckle, is now available to all Season Pass owners. Contagion Mode is added with stronger enemies, less resources and no save book. Also, death takes you back to the beginning of the chapter. Check out the trailer below.

There are also 14 new death scenes for Jacob’s model. If you don’t miss it, it will bite its head, tear its face, and many other things when it falls to the Biophage. You can also equip new skins and gear with the Watch Skin Collection, giving clothing a soft blue glow.

The Callisto Protocol’s The Season Pass costs $30, including the Create chaos the next DLC. It adds a new system, Riot, and more fun death. It also includes an expansion of the story, which will be published later this Summer and hopefully will have more answers in the end. Stay tuned for more information, and in the meantime, check out our review for the main game here.

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